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Life is Sweet, Treat yourself






Our Story Begins At Home...

In 2016, Kaylee was given her first ever cake pop machine by “Santa” at six years old. Kaylee Cake Pops and More grew out of a mother and daughter bond and joy in baking together. Over time, both Kaylee and mother Amber, enthusiasm quickly grew to the point of wanting to share our delicious pops with family and friends. Kaylee, now a teenager, passions are playing sports, school, and preparing to attend college after graduation. Years later, my passion for the art of baking and creating delicious treats overwhelmingly grew, and I began to operate the business full time. My vision quickly shifted from this not only being Kaylee's business, but driven by the desire to create a lasting legacy for her and my family. My goal is to establish a brand that becomes a cherished part of people's celebrations and moments of happiness. The legacy is not just about the treats themselves, but the positive memories and connections forged over shared moments of delight. It's a way of leaving behind a flavorful imprint in the community, contributing to the tapestry of life's sweetest experiences for generations to come.


August 2022, we were awarded the #Priceless winner of the Mastercard Small Biz contest. Since, we've expanded our brand nationwide and are known for our mobile SWEET truck and candy boutique located - Kaylee's Candy Boutique.

Who we are .....

Kaylee Cake Pops and More is a full-service mobile dessert truck and dessert catering company that brings a variety of sweet treats to your doorstep. Specializing in cake pops, we also offer a diverse menu of creatively crafted and delicious desserts, custom corporate gifting and catering to a wide range of tastes. Whether you're craving classic flavors or unique, innovative combinations, Kaylee Cake Pops and More is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with our on-the-go confectionery delights. Book us for your next event! 

"Life is short, eat dessert first"


We look forward to learning more about your event. Please complete and submit the questionnaire below to book our mobile dessert truck, DIY parties, or catering service.


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