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Time to celebrate, let us help !  Book our DIY dessert action station and make the perfect addition to any birthday, wedding, corporate functions, anniversary, holiday celebration, graduation, baby/ bridal shower and many more. Indulge your sweet tooth at our sizzling hot dessert bar and DIY cupcake action station!  Watch in delight as our skilled chefs whip up a tantalizing array of decadent treats right before your eyes. Every bite promises a symphony of flavors and textures. Whether you crave the comforting warmth of freshly baked cookies or the luscious richness of chocolate fudge brownies, our Hot Dessert Bar and DIY Cupcake action station are a paradise for dessert lovers. Savor the spectacle and satisfy your cravings at this irresistible culinary hotspot! This will definitely "WOW" your guests ..........What are you waiting for, book this SWEET experience today.  Contact us at for more information.


D.I.Y Dessert Bar & Action Station 


- Mini Fried Pies - Gourmet Cupcakes (up to three flavors)- Double Crusted Peach Cobbler 

Southern Banana Pudding - Double Fudge Brownies Fried Oreos - Churros- Gourmet Cookies



Vanilla - Cookies and Cream - Chocolate 




Caramel, Strawberry and Chocolate drizzle, Cookie Crumbles, Nuts (optional), Coconut Flakes 

Assorted Cereals - Assorted Candies - Chocolate Sprinkles - Rainbow Sprinkles - Mini Marshmallows -

Fresh Fruit - Much more



Additional Service


Want a grand event ? Customize your package to your liking, add any of the below service(s) to your event.

Gourmet Chocolate bar DIY party * Cupcake or Cake DIY party *- Fresh Popcorn -

*Fresh Spun Cotton Candy  - *Snow Cone Service *Organic Balloon Garland  *Bubble Machine *Party Stroll Lights* Karaoke Service Coming Soon !

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